May 10, 2016

In Good Company - Acrylics on paper and silk  - 60 x80 cms. NFS

Created recently with an outpouring of emotion, Paul's dining room chair with his also sadly departed bestie canine friend Harry, has a 3D finish. Two lives not lost, but now celebrated every single day in very good company. 

Thanks to Joy Dennis a painting buddy, who stood by me through much of this amazing painting experience. 

Mar 27, 2016

 "Patches and Peaches" - Oil on canvas - 30x40 cms NFS

Knowing how much my darling late hubby Paul loved animals, it was a timely passionate and heartfelt experience to paint, especially for our friends Sharon and Phil Dowling, their two beloved family pets.  Enjoy the memories.  RIP XXX

Dec 5, 2015

A Taste Of Honey - 90 x 90 cms - Acrylics on Canvas  (given as gift)

The size of this painting I thought might be very confronting, however, I really enjoyed facing up to the challenge. 

Oct 31, 2015

Black Magic  - A4 size acrylic on card - freehand lettering with brush and paint

With the current interest and revival of all things hand done, including lettering, I am inspired to create some one off pieces. 

    On music paper - courtesy of Sylvia Raye 

Oct 4, 2015

A Rosey Expression - 50 x60 cms. Oil on Canvas 

There's photorealism, and there is impressionism, also expressionism. So many " isms" !

Aug 24, 2015

The final two paintings in the " Tree Freeze " small art series. The unusual looking Boab, and the wonderful Wattle. 

Jul 13, 2015

Let's Face It -  Acrylics on card with envelope - 12x12 cms. approx. 

With the current hype about the Archibald Prize, and the winner to be announced shortly, I thought I'd paint this small art piece to feel part of it all. LOL